Mobile CPA : Traffic Source Guide V2

As I promised myself that I would be posting the next part of the Mobile CPA Traffic Source Guide earlier, here I’m posting the details of the so called guide next in series.

The majority of Mobile marketers out there still think that the traffic source they use is the ultimate and the same traffic sources are being used by the experts who misguide them that they are raking $xxxx every day.

But the truth is the gameplay is completely different when it comes to moneymakers and moneyrakers in affiliate marketing.

Those who indulge in high returns never ever look …

Mobile CPA : Traffic Source Guide V1

For a million years, if you go to Affiliate forums where people brag freely about themselves and show off $5 – $50 gain loss screenshots, you will never get the details what runs where.All that they will sweetly advice you is to keep running your campaigns, keep spending money and to learn yourselves. I recently left one of the forums, as I couldn’t get what I expected, with respect. But one thing that still bothers me is those noobs out there who are struggling to earn a single dollar  who cannot pay hundreds per month for VPS, hundreds together per …

Mobile Marketing and Networks to Avoid

I have been into Mobile marketing for a while and have seen different networks behave differently with different type of offers. One thing that every new comer faults is in choosing the correct network to load and run the offers.

The first thing everyone does is,

1. Go to the Offer Network (I mean CPA network like YeahMobile,FurtherMobile, blah blah ) and Pick an offer X that they say s performing well.

2. Go to the adnetwork Y, load their bucket with $25,$50 or even $100  or whatever.

3. Create a Campaign with the network provided banners, or use the …

Tracking a Mobile CPA Campaign Using Voluum

Tracking a Mobile CPA Campaign would have been a headache long back when there were trackers like Prosper202 since the suuport for mobile was less. But since the time Voluum has come to the market, its become easier.

VOLUUM  is the new tracking tool which is making lot of noise in the affiliate marketing industry. The sophistication of tracking one has to learn from VOLUUM. May be I’m exaggerating too much.

Well coming to the fact that CPA campaigns or any sort of campaigns need tracking and analytics for analysing the traffic and scaling the campaign to drive more revenue, …

Your app (5 IOS Games Portfolio ) has just officially sold for $500!

Just recieved mail from Apptopia, on the sale of all my games.

Uploading the asstes now.

Here’s the mail.

Get excited.

The buyer has committed to buying your app, and signed our Purchase and Sale Agreement. However, we have not received payment yet. This usually takes 2 to 3 days, as we are working with bank wires. As soon as we have the full payment in escrow we will contact you and immediately begin the transfer process.

You can follow the transfer process here: Transaction Center

In order to not slow down the process we need you to upload a …

April 2014 Income Report

From last 6 to 7 years, I have been indulging myself into various online tasks, and finding a way to rise up as an entrepreneur, and just never was able to rise even a single dollar, and April 2014 was the first month that I was able to say that I have made a start on my revenue.

In April 2014 I did not publish a single app or game, neither I started an website.
I removed all my Android games, since I didn’t like the graphics, or the game mechanics, as it was too immature and incomplete.

I wrote …

Creating Shaded Images For Blog Posts in Photoshop Like

Michael Dunlop from Incomediary has a unique way of displaying posts,images and banners and kudos for his talent and skills. I too was searching for a way to do that and found out by myself that its very easy in Photoshop to create a black shaded bordered image to be added to a post as Michael does.

To Start with All images have to have some unique features that makes content attractive.

[ordered_list style=”upper-roman”]

  1. Image should be of size 640 X 320 pixels
  2. The main background colour of the image should be white or atleast 65% white.
  3. Image should have

AutocouponCash : Whats Behind

Well I have been thinking of increasing my adventures over affiliate marketing and been on a buying spree recently.I came across few of the products like AutoCouponCash which seemed to be promising few of the items I was looking for. I looked for reviews and also few of the demo videos, but could not find the real details about the content and the hidden upsells in the product.Atlast I bought the product to check out the reality.
After Purchasing the Item at a discount at $27, there were 4 Consecutive screens I was greeted with.

1. To Buy 10 Auto …

Back to Adwords : A Case Study

Although I joined DirectCPV with a huge sum of $350, I could only see lot of wasted traffic coming to my PPV campaigns. So I switched back to Adwords since I had left it in my learning phase itself. But this time I had to plan beforehand so that I can atleast gather some email leads for my campaign.

So I scraped a good looking offer landing and modified it to my requirements.I used “Offline Explorer” to scrap the leading page lander page, and images.Since this is an experiment in progress I did not heed much into the graphics or …

Top 4 Affiliate Marketing Myths

Why Do Affiliate Marketers Lie ?

We come across many affiliate marketers around internet who mention that ‘X’ offer is saturated, ‘Y’ Marketing will be sandboxed by google blah blah blah.But there is an additional parameter to the statements made by those marketers, that is ‘Affiliate Mind Control’.Yes one can control the hidden part of the brain by making negative statements on the interest shown by the subject.Sorry I’m not a doctor, but its the theory.

Myth 1 : WhiteHat marketing and Black Hat Marketing are different.

There is nothing specific marketing methods available to promote any offer or product.In …