SEO Optimization Update on my CPA blog

Well, it had already been a month since I looked into my other blog which I had started experimenting SEO methods to drive traffic.Although its very much a success, only there has been a single lead to the offer I was promoting. The steps I took to promote were very simple but tricky.

1. I wrote 1 Article and Spun it 10 times using a Spinner.

2. Created accounts in well know Article Directories and blogs around the internet (like EzineArticles and

3. Posted my Articles with 2 links to my site in the body and 1 link in …

Building Movie Sites : Inside Out Part 2

In My last post I had mentioned about few plugins and scripts that do the task of building a Movie site for you, which I’m going to take a bit further in this post. As a matter of fact I purchased the two scripts to test them out, one being StreamWP (v1.4) and Kontentrevolution which is a BHWorld users custom service that provides Movie post creation.

To tell you frankly both of them along with the other scripts failed to satisfy me as a proper wordpress movie site creation script.

Anyone looking to build a Movie site would need to …

Building Movie Sites : Inside Out Part 1

While its become a trend for the lazy affiliates to build hunderds of automatically updated movie sites, by deploying the incentive affiliate networks gateway codes.But what we dont find is the secret behind auto updateable sites that automatically gets latest movies and shows added to their blogs.
Although CPALead,Blamads and adscendmedia provides gateways to add to the networked blogs such as movies,games,music,forums,downloads and warez sites, they do not provide how-to knowledge for any of their affiliates to build them
The hard truth is there is no such readily available automation tool that one can just deploy it and forget. But …

Lazy Man's Facebook CTR Tuning

First of all to be clear , I’m running an offer from Peerfly on Facebook ads at low budget, and second I’ve not enough time to keep on monitoring my account since I cannot access my facebook ads account during my office hours which normally starts from morning 7:30 and extends till night 9:30.This including my travel timings to office (it takes me 90 Min to travel to office, hehehe ).

Well coming to the point I mainly chose this offer due to its non-saturation and never ending customer point of view and also there are lot of young people …