Mobile Campaign : Landing pages vs Direct linking

Well well well, the most confusing part of running a campaign is under discussion, now.I urge all audience to observe pin drop silence while I address this issue to my satisfaction.

Whenever we take up an offer in general, it may be any type of offer, we think what should I do??

1. Should I create a Landing page for this offer?

2. Should I create a custom banner?

3. Should I just  use direct link ?.

We have seen most of the PRO’s and GURU’s advice to use landing pages for a safer and worthy campaign. But will that …

How to Pick Advertising Networks for your next campaign

Most of the cases when we are running campaigns, and providing info to the community on the case, with exhaustive case studies, how much ever the case study may be worth, the people keep on asking about traffic sources.

As evident from most of the posts, people really do get shunned by the first answer the follow along campaign runners tell them when they are asked about the traffic source.
Its perfectly right for them, that the traffic source they may be using is highly worth for them, but its too childish to ask them about that. I will give …

April 2014 Income Report

From last 6 to 7 years, I have been indulging myself into various online tasks, and finding a way to rise up as an entrepreneur, and just never was able to rise even a single dollar, and April 2014 was the first month that I was able to say that I have made a start on my revenue.

In April 2014 I did not publish a single app or game, neither I started an website.
I removed all my Android games, since I didn’t like the graphics, or the game mechanics, as it was too immature and incomplete.

I wrote …

Any Body Can Develop Mobile Games With My Book

The current Market for HTML5 based games is so young that the success of developing games for HTML5 can be seen sooner or later, but faster than the other platforms such as Android , IOS or WP.
Once you develop your game you can publish it to Mobile markets using the mediation toolkits such as Cocos2d ,CocoonJS, Gameclosure , GameMaker etc.
Also you can publish it online to various HTML5 gaming markets.
The prospects for a Game developer are so huge these days that either has lot of oppurtunities open your way rather than you searching on your own with …

Top 10 Appreneurs to Follow to become Appreneurs

It had been almost more than a year I started developing mobile games and now I have made my presence in Windows,Apple and Google app stores.Although I may not be so successful as lot of appreneurs out there, but still the existence of a Mobile Developer inside me has been established.

Since I started developing games, I have been eagerly following each and one of the appreneurs out there and here are the best or top ten of them I really admire.

Please note the order of the people listed do not signify anything, I respect and admire all with

Starting Source code sale for Games

I have been thinking since my first game went live on windows phone about selling of my game source codes as that would open up a social link for me to get in touch with more developers, ideas and a platform to discuss.Also selling up the games will really help me add up to my game / app revenue also.

 alphaslotsSo Here I present my first source  code for IOS game for sale.