Peerfly Top Offers Widget for Affiliates

Its cool,wow!. What Am I exaggerating at, am I gone mad? No guys, I was experimenting with some of the php libraries out there available and suddenly my affiliate account at peerfly came into picture.
@ Those Who dont know Peerfly is a well established affiliate network that offers publishers and advertisers a unique platform to share wealth and make wealth virtually.Thats it I dont wanna go further deep into that.

OK, Coming to the point, I made a Widget, that’s it. Then what it means to me or anybody who is in the IM.Well Peerfly offers multiple feed …

The Next Plugin Project – CouponFeedr

Though there is couponpress available, it costs me $79 atleast to even think of it, but taking the available deal datafeed available from Shareasale network, I cannot think of loading it anyway since there is no admin demo available from the theme developer.

Also there are 2-3 other scripts out there available on blackhat forums that one can download and setup as couponsite. But my problem is like every other non developers who just want to setup their site without going through hassles of so much configuration. I do always like set and forget or run once type of plugins …

Qwikfront Datafeed Demo Video

Qwikfront datafeed plugin is a one of the type plugin which I  developed to load txt , csv datafeed files from Affiliate Future, Paidonresults, BuyAt, Cj and shareasale networks. it loads both csv as well as pipe delimited datafeed files. One has nothing much to do, other than knowing keywords to select for.

The demo video is up for watching on my channel.

Also I have managed to put the demo on my plugin main site…

5 New Premium WordPress Themes

Every Blogger’s dream is to have a unique and professional looking theme that draws the visitors attention.There are thousands of themes freely available on the web and also exclusive themes which are premium and  professional, but they cost at-least $20 bucks, which many of the bloggers do not think worthy.   For those who cannot afford to buy a theme or design a nice looking theme for their wordpress blog, here I have found you nice 5 themes you can download and use them closing your eyes.

1. Yearang WordPress Theme

Yearang Theme is a high quality portfolio wordpress theme comes …

Affiliate Shopsite Script Shop-N-Jammie

Long back in early 2010 I had been working on a data-feed shopsite script called Shop-N-Jammie. I had mentioned in my datafeed plugin blog about the same several times too.But the reason was so childish that I had to stop developing or making the script downloadable to the Internet community.

As a matter of fact the guys at JCE-Tech have a script called Affiliate  Master using which anybody can create a affiliate shopsite in minutes with any type of datafeed.Let it be either of csv, piped, tab, or space  seperated files in the data, the scrit can load any type …

Experiment For SEO on Niche Blogs

The household term in any niche blog marketing terminology is SEO. Along with SEO there occurs so many individual related terms such as SERP, Page Rank, Keyword density, Back-links, In-links, Out-links , Deep-links whatever one may term rapidly related to SEO.

The trend of building websites with SEO has caught the eyes of the veteran webmasters who have been busy promoting their products,working on performance networks and doing per click ad purchases. Its household talk that you need to worry about duplicate content whatever the blog you want to do SEO on, and keeping the PR aside, normally the first …