Mobile Redirect in PHP

Most of Mobile Affiliate marketing campaigns lose steam due to traffic dieout, or rather fake mobile traffic which is actually a desktop traffic.

But if properly handled well it can be avoided to make sure only mobile traffic is let through to the landing page.

Also it helps to avoid those prying eyes that try to grab your landing page.

Here is a sample php code that allows one to redirect all mobile traffic to a specific landing page.


$iphone = strpos($_SERVER[HTTP_USER_AGENT],iPhone);
$android = strpos($_SERVER

ReIgniting the Light of Mobile Guild

As and when the time changes, and we learn new things , we always try to improve the methods in which we earn, and try to put more time on those strategies and on those methods and on those channels to multiply the earning capacity.

With the time, I too have been running multiple ideas, few implemented and few lapsed in dark. Although I first started with affiliate marketing, I failed in multiple streams.

I First started with stock market trading, futures and options was my favourite, but the interests faded once I made enough losses, and moved to forex …

Mobile CPA Campaign Case Study Live with 6 Sexy Offers

Well as the title says, I planned to do a Open Campaign so that all the hungry sharks out there get their prey when they do search on google. By all means necessary anybody can take the offer, or similar offer that I’m promoting and run it on their own adnetwork.

Usually I am fedup with the people on all those forums,blogs proudly bragging about their earnings, looking down on newcomers, hiding their traffic sources, and those who make nasty comments, and I really hate those who just dont give out much details to the crowd, bluffing that it would …

Facebook Campaign Split Testing

Last campaign I ran was a simple direct linking one with Tracking202 as my tracker.Its really different than earlier now on facebook advertising I observed through this campaign. I Observed that never ever the campaign ctr will grow over 0.1% in a facebook campaign and also we can never reduce the campaign average cpc less than 0.2, mainly due to the fact that facebook decides based on the number of people, number of impressions and an average number of clicks per thousand impressions and not on the keyword basis.
So this time I started a new campaign, thanks to Peerfly …

Facebook Campaigns : Figures speak

I don’t think there is any need for me to explain¬† how much I spent on these campaigns as these are the free credits I received from my hosting and some other site.

It was just a two day effort and about 4-6 hours of waiting for approval and without spending a dime on the ad, a small revenue shows off in my publisher account.

First : My Facebook Ad account that shows the exact spend and cost per click deemed by the ad space. There had been about 270k impressions and about 116 clicks that cost me around $44 …

Campaign Update : CPC vs CPM

It was running fine until this morning. When I felt that the clicks coming are not enough, I made some changes to the
ads that I posted earlier.
The only changes that I remember that I made were, changing the targetting for the ad from english speaking to include all American users. Thus suddenly after an hour or so I got my ads disapproved.
Well although I had received only 3 clicks out of 31k impressions it was really fun to learn some importance of CPC over CPM type of traffic.

Till last night I was of the impression that …