ReIgniting the Light of Mobile Guild

As and when the time changes, and we learn new things , we always try to improve the methods in which we earn, and try to put more time on those strategies and on those methods and on those channels to multiply the earning capacity.

With the time, I too have been running multiple ideas, few implemented and few lapsed in dark. Although I first started with affiliate marketing, I failed in multiple streams.

I First started with stock market trading, futures and options was my favourite, but the interests faded once I made enough losses, and moved to forex …

Mobile CPA Campaign Case Study Live with 6 Sexy Offers

Well as the title says, I planned to do a Open Campaign so that all the hungry sharks out there get their prey when they do search on google. By all means necessary anybody can take the offer, or similar offer that I’m promoting and run it on their own adnetwork.

Usually I am fedup with the people on all those forums,blogs proudly bragging about their earnings, looking down on newcomers, hiding their traffic sources, and those who make nasty comments, and I really hate those who just dont give out much details to the crowd, bluffing that it would …

SEO Optimization Update on my CPA blog

Well, it had already been a month since I looked into my other blog which I had started experimenting SEO methods to drive traffic.Although its very much a success, only there has been a single lead to the offer I was promoting. The steps I took to promote were very simple but tricky.

1. I wrote 1 Article and Spun it 10 times using a Spinner.

2. Created accounts in well know Article Directories and blogs around the internet (like EzineArticles and

3. Posted my Articles with 2 links to my site in the body and 1 link in …

SEO Effort for CPA Offer

Last Month I had purchased my new domain based on one of the new offers available at my Peerfly account, and inspired by the bloggers I follow, Tylercruz and ianfernando, I too thought of implementing SEO for the offer on an experimental basis.Although I’m bit lazy trying to do SEO on blogs, I think I had really made a nice choice in choosing the right keyword and right niche.


In brief I had only considered using 4 keywords for the same site.Interestingly I found the RankTracker very useful in finding the fruits of my effort. I actually …

First Impression on Google CPA

As a matter of fact there is nothing as good as free in this world and I like softwares and services that are free, but I never stop looking for good offers and oppurtunities too since I am not scared to spend money either. I am going to jot down my experience in CPA marketing first time ever on google ppc ads.
It was my goal for this year that I have to setup a campaign on google ppc and run a campaign and the goal is complete now. I will not say I’m successful since I know that I …

Ampedmedia Declines Application

It was so fast that I applied yesterday in the happiness of making some bucks in CPA marketing and it so happened that within 24 hours my application got declined.

Its obvious that as I had already stated earlier in my old blog that the networks themselves do not want to have more people joining since they only look for quality not quantity. But mentioning that would not have harmed them anyway.

Here’s the mail I got from them

Sorry, Your Application Was Disapproved
We regret to inform you that your Application for membership in the Amped Media publisher program …