Income Update of My Book Published

I published the book ‘ Cocos2d-JS Mobile Game Development on Steroids: Learn How to Develop a Multiplatform Game in 2 days’  way back in 2014-October and its already been more than a year now. It was my first experiment with writing a technical asset and was really a wonderful experience.

I happened to come across a chinese site called and learnt to use a wonderful tool translating from chinese. It was really fun to use it in the first and then it struck to my mind why not publish a book and make hundreds of others to know how …

Any Body Can Develop Mobile Games With My Book

The current Market for HTML5 based games is so young that the success of developing games for HTML5 can be seen sooner or later, but faster than the other platforms such as Android , IOS or WP.
Once you develop your game you can publish it to Mobile markets using the mediation toolkits such as Cocos2d ,CocoonJS, Gameclosure , GameMaker etc.
Also you can publish it online to various HTML5 gaming markets.
The prospects for a Game developer are so huge these days that either has lot of oppurtunities open your way rather than you searching on your own with …

Cocos2d-JS My First Book Published Online

I have been working on this book since  last 72 hours continuously and after 4 hours of scrutiny on document formatting, I was able to publish it online.

I managed to publish over to three markets

1. Kindle :   In Live Publishing Mode <– Get it At*Version*=1&*entries*=0

2. CreateSpace : Still Under Review

3. Smashwords : Already Available.

My Book can be purchased at Smashwords, and I double support those who want to buy on Smashwords, I will be soon removing from Amazon and Createspace due to their worst royalty features.

Anybody who wants to buy my book, and …

A Book and a New Game Hand in Hand

I have started writing a book ” Cocos2d-JS Mobile Game Development on Steroids” along with lot of features I have planned to implement with my new game.

To Speak about the book,its all about how fast you can develop game as fast as 2 days to completely develop the game end to end in Cocos2d-JS/HTML5 and release it to the android market. I will be listing out step by step instructions on,

1. What tools and softwares are required

2. What needs to be configured

3. Where to get the graphics and backgrounds

4. How to create a prototype in …

Appreneur News : Android News Aggregator

I have been following lots of appreneur blogs and was not finding enough time to go through them all at once while I was in work or when I am at home. SO just rigged up a simple aggregator app for all the blogs I follow into one single app.

Appreneur News  : 


Appreneur News - screenshot thumbnailAppreneur News - screenshot thumbnailAppreneur News - screenshot thumbnail

To be an Appreneur one must be aware of all the updates, ideas,resources available for the drive. Appreneur News aggregates all the available resources for you and provides you 24 x 7 updates on all the happenings and ideas and resources available around the world,

Cocos2d-x Easy Setup to Run Android Games on Windows with Eclipse

I recently started with cpp programming for Android games and found that my Hackintosh is too slow since the graphics memory allotted by the OS is just 128MB , dont know why.

Hence I could not work on cpp stuff on Mac, but still my Windows OS is running fine.

So I tried setting up Cocos2d-x on Windows with eclipse and followed upto the end all the instructions and got stuck on one error

”bash’ program not found in path.

Ok Here is what to do to setup completely cpp programming with cocos2d-x on eclipse in WIndows machine.

1. Open …